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Is your IT working for you? Way to complex.

Always on the move. Devices each with a purpose. No nine to five. Businesses change every minute staying lean and agile. Is your IT infrastructure able to keep up?

Every business objective is to stay ahead of competition. Doing so implies you can change your business at a snap of a finger to get it to the next level. This more often means that your IT needs some changes to support your new business processes fast. Is your infrastructure lean enough to take the turn? Do your applications support your new direction from day one?

Information overload or chaos? Needle in a haystack?

We live in an era where we generate vast amounts of data at a mind dazzling rate. We all try make to sense out of it but do you also get the feeling that it is looking more like an endless battle?

We try desperately to get some kind of structure in mountain of big data with the tools at hand. Endless subfolders on a shared drive to get some kind of a logical structure is what we see a lot. Reflecting the logical interpretation of a structure using folders is not cutting it in the battle against the flood of data. Where do I put what? How? When? The most important question actually is…. Do you find what you need when you need it?

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Great ideas for innovation? No idea how to build?

No doubt that innovation is the fuel for your engine of growth. It is key to stay competitive and drive a sustainable business. Are you able to bring your idea to life?

Often enterprise struggle to get their innovation on the go with the tools and systems at hand. Usually a new breed of technology or application is required to support your innovation. Get it on the go! But how do you handle this? Are you taking the right technology choices? Is the cost in respect to what you want to invest or even more important…. Does the cost weigh up against the value?


We speak, breath and do lean with products and services that keep up with your business


No business is the same, no single solution fits all. Creative thinking to fit your real needs.


We talk the talk and walk the walk from enterpreneur to entrepeneur.

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join us in the cloud. To get your business to the next level.

We firmly believe in cloud technologies and that’s why we do it all in the cloud. We eat our own dog food and like to live by example. Therefore we run our business entirely in the cloud. No servers in our office! All save and sound in the cloud.

There is a lot of talk about the cloud and many questions on safety, privacy and so on. But what would you say if you had it all under your control? What if you could enjoy the safety, reliability and scalability of an enterprise grade datacenter to gear up your business and drive up speed and agility? Well, that’s what we do for you! We bring your business to the cloud and commit to having it save, secure, reliable and most important…. Under your control!

We are comitted to bring you services that work,
help you get more productive
and bring your bright ideas to life!


Build the vision


Define the roadmap


Make it reality

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